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I. Service Scope

(1)General trade

(2)Services for spare parts ship out of Bonded Warehouse with light processing

    Packing        Labeling        Reconfiguration        Inspection

(3)Spare parts returning services (including the good parts and bad parts),

Good Parts : No taxation concerns anytime, anywhere

Defectives : With proper documentation, defectives can be returned without paying foreign currency

(4)Services for spare parts ship out of BW free of duty

With proper documents, parts within warranty period can be  replaced free of duty.

(5)Customized reports

   In bound reports      Out bound reports      Import/Export tracking sheet       Stock taking reports       Other

II. Why use Technical Service Station bonded warehouse (TSS)?

(1)Logistics cost advantage

The spare parts used for equipment which are replaced or used during the warranty period can be exempted from duty & vat.

Greatly relieve capital liquidity constraints, and the bonded period can be up to two years.

The goods in the bonded warehouse may be lent free of duty by the Engineer in accordance with the law (need to be returned within the prescribed time)

Duty-deferral for inbound, Duty-free for NB goods shipping out within warranty period.

(2) Easy- to- handle

NB goods can be returned to the original supplier or the overseas customers designated by the supplier.

Through bonded warehouses, it's feasible to apply to the customs for the disposal of the used or defective goods, such as local scrapping, return abroad etc.

Monthly centralized declaration, to ensure the allocation speed of the spare parts, and achieve zero inventory management. Your customers can receive the partsin the first time without long  declaration and inspection time.

During the warranty period, the parts used for maintenance shall be exempted from duty & vat. (need to provide relevant documents).

24*7 operation to ensure the timely delivery of the dispatch to satisfied your customers.

III. Compare with general bonded warehouse:

int of Comparison

Public Bonded Warehouse

Warranty Bonded


Bonded Good



24*7 Operation



Monthly Consolidation Clearance


Duty-free for outbound cargo within contract warranty period

Duty-free for outbound cargo within contract warranty period

Spare parts borrowed by engineer for repairing needs


YesMust be returned within

limited time

Process of cargo shipped out of Warehouse

Customs Clearance

per lot

outbound delivery first/ monthly clearance end of the month

Cargo restrictions


Equipment Manufacturers Only

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